Gawler-Based Home Renovation Contractor Discusses The Value of Hiring a Certified Plumber

Some plumbing tasks are DIY, while some require a plumber’s expertise.

Plumbing is often a neglected aspect of home improvement. In most situations, a homeowner in Gawler will only find it necessary to find one once there’s a problem, i.e., a leak or burst pipes. But according to Ed Johannsen of Gawler Renovation Pros, getting a licensed and certified plumber in for regular maintenance can prevent these issues from coming up in the first place.

Some people believe plumbing is one of those jobs only necessary when there’s an emergency, so they wait until something goes wrong before hiring someone to do the work. However, Ed says it makes a lot more sense to have regular maintenance checks and repairs carried out, as these can help prevent serious issues from arising.

“Many people think that an emergency is just one of those things, but often it’s caused by a minor problem that has been ignored for too long,” he says. “You don’t want to be one of those people who has to call in a plumber because their taps are leaking or the hot water system is about to give out, so it makes sense to prevent any problems from cropping up.”

The plumbers Gawler contact details says there are several things that homeowners can do themselves that don’t require any plumbing skills. For example, simple maintenance tasks like changing filters on sinks, showers and WCs can prevent problems from occurring, as can checking all fixtures – taps, shower heads, hoses etc. – to ensure they’re water-tight.

“People without plumbing knowledge can do plenty of things,” says Ed. “But when it comes to bigger jobs such as installing new pipes or replacing hot water tanks, I recommend getting a professional to come in.”

If there are any gas pipes or connections on the property, Ed also recommends that these be checked every couple of years by a certified plumber.

Some aspects of plumbing aren’t meant to be DIY. For example,  Ed says it’s always a good idea to get a plumber in for any installations involving gas, as this is the only way to ensure the work is properly done and up to code.

“Most people probably aren’t aware that they need certification to be able to do such work,” he says. “The bottom line with this job is that it’s better to be safe than sorry, so always make sure you go with a certified plumber. It’ll save you money in the long run.”

Ed says that regular maintenance checks are also important in preventing problems from occurring on the piping system within a home. Some typical signs of poor plumbing include leaks, which can damage the walls and get into the foundations of a house, or high water bills due to inefficient plumbing work. Be sure to get plumbers Gawler contact details to help address poor plumbing work in your home.

“A lot of the time, you might notice small signs such as these without realising them,” he says. “This is because they’re only relatively small issues you would never expect to turn into something major – until they do.”

Preventative maintenance is about identifying these smaller issues before they become a big problems. “It’s better to have someone in on the regular so that you don’t get hit with an expensive bill later down the line,” he says.