IMAX With Laser Knocks Two PVR Cinemas In Mumbai, New Delhi

IMAX with Laser knocks two PVR Cinemas in Mumbai, New Delhi at High Street Phoenix and Select City Walk in respectively. That makes them the first two IMAX with Laser screens in Quite a while, with the 18 others dependent on standard advanced IMAX.

Since IMAX with Laser utilizes a laser light source and double 4K projectors in lieu of a xenon circular segment light and double 2K projectors, it’s capable for brighter, richer, and sharper pictures. PVR Cinemas CEO Gautam Dutta reported that it has obtained four IMAX with Laser units, a third will be introduced at SPI Palazzo The Forum Vijaya Mall in Vadapalani, Chennai; the fourth hasn’t been chosen.

Dutta said in a statement that, “That, all of a sudden, was a great opportunity simply because these projectors used to be so expensive, that we could never bring IMAX to a smaller town. This is a great experiment that we couldn’t do before — in that every time we upgrade to an IMAX with Laser, we can take the older one to a city that hasn’t seen IMAX.”

The advancement to IMAX with Laser opens up the xenon-based advanced IMAX projectors that were being used at Lower Parel and Select City Walk. Tragically, it’s not all uplifting news for IMAX perfectionists. Just the projector is new, in fact. Christopher Nolan’s war film, Dunkirk, shot most scenes in 1.43:1, for example.

John Schreiner, IMAX’s senior vice president in Russia, CIS, Middle East, and India, said, “PVR is our valued strategic partner and shares our passion for delivering the best premium entertainment. With the opening of the IMAX with Laser theatres at Mumbai and Delhi, we look forward to bringing India audiences the IMAX immersive cinema experience for today’s biggest blockbusters.”

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